A campaign webpage is essential to a successful pledge campaign. This is the page a donor is taken to when linked from social media posts, QR Codes, or any other source. We make it easy for you to customize both your webpage and embed. The steps below show you how!

Customizing Your Campaign Webpage and Embed Code

  1. Login to your Tithe.ly Admin account.

  2. Click the Global Settings button in the bottom-left corner of the screen, which is accessible from anywhere on the Tithe.ly dashboard.

  3. Click Giving on the left-hand menu.

  4. Select Pledge Campaigns.

  5. Click on the campaign whose webpage and embed you'd like to customize.

  6. Next, click on Webpage.

    This area of Pledge Campaigns allows you to manage how the campaign is shared and displayed.

  7. The Webpage Display section allows you to customize what content is shown on the campaign webpage. You are able to toggle different elements ON and OFF in order to customize what is displayed.

    Customizable Settings

    • The Featured Video can be hidden altogether or can be shown as a thumbnail in the upper left-hand corner of the page.

    • The Campaign Thumbnail can be displayed in place of the Featured Video by toggling the Featured Video OFF and toggling the Campaign Thumbnail ON. Also, if no video is set, but the Featured Video is toggled ON, a thumbnail will be displayed in place of a video.

    • The Campaign Banner (image on the left) is displayed behind the Featured Video or Thumbnail (whichever has been toggled ON) as well as behind the white details box on the right. There are two instances where the banner will be hidden (image on the right). One, if you toggle it OFF, and two, if you have chosen to display a Thumbnail given that the Banner and Thumbnail are the same images.

    • The Give A One Time Donation button, if toggled ON, will cause a "Give a One Time Donation" button to be shown below the "Make A Pledge" button. If pressed, the one time donation button will open the Giving form as opposed to the Pledge Form since the donor has opted to make a donation instead of a pledge. The Giving form will, however, automatically select the fund for the campaign.

    • The Full Description is simply the heading and body of the description.

    • The last customizable setting is the Share Option that can be toggled OFF so that no share options show at all.

    • Or you can customize the Social Sharing section by toggling ON and OFF which individual types of sharing you'd like to be supported.

  8. Click the Save button to save your customized settings.

  9. To customize the styling of the webpage and embed by selecting different fonts and colors to use, click Details.

  10. Lastly, scroll to the bottom of the Details section, where you will find the Styles section. From here you can select a font, as well as the primary and secondary color to use.

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