If for any reason you need to edit an existing pledge, we've made it easy for you to do so. Just follow the steps below!

How to Change Your Current Pledge

Please Note: To access your current pledge, open the email where you started the pledge and the links on that email will lead you to the Pledge Page.

  1. From the Pledge Summary page, click the Edit Pledge button to edit an existing pledge.

  2. Once you've edited your pledge amount, you have two save options:

    Option #1: Click Save to save the new amount and dismiss the popup.

    Option #2: Click Save and Update Recurring Gift to update your recurring gift from the recurring gifts settings page. A new recurring gift amount will be set that fulfills your pledge amount by the end campaign based on the same schedule, start and end dates, payment method, and Cover the fees selection that you chose when you created your pledge.

    If you clicked Save and Update Recurring Gift, your Pledge Plan will update the Total Pledge Amount to reflect the new pledge amount. The Scheduled Gift Amount will then update based on the new pledge amount, as well as the amount you've already given toward the pledge.

    Please Note: A single pledger (an individual) can only create one pledge per campaign.

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