Once you've pledged or donated to your church's Pledge Campaign, you can easily access details about your pledge! There are different ways that you can access the Pledge Summary depending on where you are in the Pledge process. We'll guide you through it below.

How to View Your Pledge Summary

If you've just made a Pledge:

If you just made a Pledge, then the next step of the form will allow you to set up AutoPay based on your pledge settings. Regardless of whether or not you set up AutoPay, the following step will display a Thanks You screen and will allow you to view your Pledge Summary.

After you've made a Pledge:

If you ever want to view your Pledge Summary after making a Pledge, you can come back to the Pledge form and select the Login button in the top-right corner when the Pledge form opens. If you already have an existing pledge, you'll be taken straight to your pledge details.

Once you've clicked either Go to Pledge Summary or the Login button, you'll be taken to a page that shows your Pledge Summary, Recurring Gifts, and Donation History.

  • Pledge Progress shows on a progress bar how much has been given toward your pledge amount. You can also make edits to your pledge.

  • Recurring Gifts shows any recurring gifts that you have set up for the fund. Along with being able to edit, you can also delete your gift.

  • Donation History is a list of all donations that you have given toward the pledge campaign.

If you have yet to set up a recurring gift, you can also do that from this screen, by clicking Set up recurring payment!

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