If your church is running a Pledge Campaign, the first step for anyone making a Pledge is to submit their pledge details. (Learn how to do that here!) The next step is to decide how they would like to give. Follow the steps below to learn how to make a donation!

1. After you've created your pledge, you'll be taken to a confirmation page that walks you through the process of making a donation.

2. Toggle YES or NO to enable AutoPay. Here, you can set up a recurring gift based on the selections you made when creating your pledge: start date, donation frequency, and the amount you want to give today.

If you selected $0.00 as the amount you'd like to give today, the first AutoPay date will be for the next gift, essentially as if you'd skipped the first gift.

If you chose a custom or double gift, your first AutoPay date will also be for the next gift, and you will need to confirm that you'd like to give today's gift right now by toggling YES or NO.

3. Enter Payment Type. You have to option to use a credit card or a bank account. You also have the option to Cover the fees (learn more about covering the fees here) by toggling YES or NO.

  • Credit Card

  • Bank Account

4. Your Pledge Plan. Just like when you made your Pledge, you can also preview your Pledge Plan when making a donation. Note that the Pledge Plan will not be altered based on choices when setting up AutoPay (for instance, if you decide not to use AutoPay, the Pledge Plan remains the same) since the Pledge itself is not based on how donations will be made.

5. If any AutoPay options are toggled to YES, a credit card or bank and routing information is required and until those details are filled in, the Fund My Pledge button will be disabled.

6. Otherwise, click the Fund My Pledge button to complete your recurring gift!

7. As a note, if AutoPay is toggled to NO, the credit card/banking section of the page will be hidden and a Fund Later button will appear instead of the Fund My Pledge button. This way, you can pass this step without setting up any payments to process at this time.

8. Once you've clicked either the Fund My Pledge or Fund Later button, you will see a thank you confirmation page, where you are able to see your pledge summary.

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