Pledge Campaigns allows you to easily send out customized emails to your pledgers with pledge details. 🎉

🌟 Tip

You can use this tool to send out emails to donors of a specific risk level with appropriate content for that risk level.
Example: For High Risk Donors, you can send out an email to all the donors in that risk level information on how to set up their payment method.

How to Send Custom Group Emails to Your Pledgers

  1. Login to your Admin account.

  2. Select Giving from the left-hand menu.

  3. Select Pledge Campaigns from the Giving menu.

  4. Select the campaign you'd like to send emails for.

  5. Click Donors.


  6. Click the Message button to the right of "List of Donors".

    This will open the "Send Email" panel where you can plan an email blast.

    Message Area in Pledge Campaigns

  7. Customize your email message.

    a) Click the checkbox next to the set(s) of Donors you'd like to email (select recipients)

    b) Add a Subject for the email
    c) Add your message
    d) When you're done, click Send Message

    Send Email in Pledge Campaigns Customizations

    Below is an example of what an email to pledgers will look like!
    From here, a donor can click Make a Donation. This will forward them to the Pledge Campaign webpage. They can also click View Pledge Dashboard to log into the donor dashboard.

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