Pledge Campaigns allow donors to commit to a long-term goal, making them a great way to increase giving at your church.

Useful Example: You'd like to raise funds for a new building and you have a goal of $500,000. With Pledge Campaigns, you can set this goal and watch as it's being met!

How to Create a Pledge Campaign

  1. Login to your Admin account.

  2. Select Giving on the left-hand menu.

  3. Select Pledge Campaigns from the Giving menu on the left.

  4. Click the "New Campaign +" button to create a new campaign

  5. Add the preliminary campaign details:

    • Campaign Name/Title

    • Church Location/Campus

    • Goal

    • Fund

    • Start Date

    • End Date

    Please Note: Once a campaign is created, neither the Fund nor Location can be changed.

    When creating a campaign, the campaign will appear as a draft at the top of the list of campaigns. This is to the left of where you are entering the campaign details. Once the campaign has been created, the details in the draft will update. Details will not update as you type them, but will update when you press the "Continue to Details" button.

  6. After you've entered the initial details, click Continue to Details.
    Please Note: If you've selected an existing Fund, a popup will explain that any donation made to that fund during the timeframe you have set for the pledge campaign will be applied to the campaign, whether it has been made through the pledge tool or not. You can also apply past gifts that have been made to the fund toward the campaign even if the campaign didn't exist yet when the gifts were given.

  7. If all information has been entered, you will be taken to the Pledge Campaign area of the Giving Dashboard where you will have access to 5 different areas:

    • Dashboard displays Giving analytics for the campaign's progress

    • Donors provides details for all pledges, as well as donations made toward the campaign

    • Details allows you to customize the branding and styling of the campaign

    • Notifications gives you control over the types of notifications that admins and donors will be receiving

    • Webpage copies your link and embed code so that you can share, as well as allows you customize the fields that show on your webpage and embed.

  8. When you are ready, you can put the campaign into a Staged state where it will automatically go live when the set start date is reached!

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