Powerful, top-notch photo editing and graphic design capabilities at your fingertips without an expensive subscription. Create beautiful graphics and edit your photos for your church website, app, social media and more with Tithe.ly Media.
We'll guide you through how to use the Image editor below! 😃

How to Use the Tithe.ly Media Image Editor

  1. Within Tithe.ly Media, navigate to an image you would like to modify to create your own custom design.
    Don't see the Open Editor button? That piece of media is not available to edit. The image must be in png or jpg format.
    🌟 Tithe.ly Tip: Want to upload and use your own image? Open Editor using any image and simply upload your image in the 'Library' tool.

  2. Click the 'Open Editor' button found in the top right of each editable piece of media.

  3. The Image Editor will open and you can customize your image using the tools down the left side menu: adjustment, brush, filters, focus, frames, library, overlay, stickers, text, text design and transform.
    📄 Learn more these features in our Media Glossary.

  4. When you're satisfied with your edit, click the 'Export Image' button in the top right of the window.
    Please Note: This will not permanently modify the image within Tithe.ly Media. You can simply edit an image of your choosing and download the edited image to your computer.

Supported Image Formats

For stickers and images, the supported file formats vary per browser. The best formats to use are JPEG and PNG.

Due to browser limitations, the Media Image Editor can only export to JPEG and PNG. In most instances, it will export a PNG.

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