An entry in the Activity Dashboard is created any time data is sent by the integration to Salesforce. You can access your Activity Dashboard with the Dashboard link in the side navigation panel.

There are various things that can happen when trying to send data:

  1. Found one or multiple deposits or transactions and sent successfully to Salesforce. Details are available for viewing.

  2. Found zero deposits or transactions since the last successful run. A "No activity was found!" notice is displayed. These empty entries are hidden to avoid cluttering the dashboard.

  3. Authentication error - your connection to Salesforce needs to be updated.

  4. An error occurred. The Integrations Team receives a notice about all errors from the integration. If your configuration settings appear to be correct and the error has not resolved in a few days, please contact us at

Click 'deposits' to see all deposits and/or search for specific deposits.

Click 'transactions' to see all transactions and/or search for specific transactions.

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