Prior to configuring your location settings, you'll need to have your Salesforce integration setup. If you haven't done that yet, please click here.

Configuring Location Specific Settings

  1. Select which campuses you'd like to connect. After making your selections, click the next button.
    Please Note: An organization is a top level entity for which the administrator manages. Each organization may have one or more campuses.

  2. Set configuration options for each campus, save your changes, and then click the next button.
    Please Note: Before the integration will begin syncing information, you must set configuration options for each campus.

  3. Mark 'Enable Campus' as 'Active' to enable syncing.

  4. Decide whether you want to receive email notifications when data is synced from this campus.

  5. Select an account for "Default Salesforce GAU".

    If you have not configured a specific mapping for a giving type this account will be used.

  6. Enter the email address (or multiple addresses separated by a comma) that should receive notifications for this campus.

  7. Decide whether to include the campus name as part of the batch name.

    This is useful for organizations that have multiple locations, as it will make it easier to see which location a batch belongs to.

  8. See your campus time zone settings. To make changes, follow the link to edit your organization in

  9. Click the 'Save' button.

You've successfully configured your location settings. 🎉
Next, let's setup your donor mapping.

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