Images with text.

Sermon Kits

A group of different files (photos, videos, graphics, etc.) all for a specific themed sermon. (Example: "A child is born".)


A group of different files for a particular part of service (quotes, worship lyrics, bible verses, etc.).


A feature allowing admins to post videos and images to designated Facebook and Instagram accounts at a later scheduled time.


Resize, crop, flip or rotate your images to fit your specific needs.


Filters allow you to easily change the overall look and feel of your image in one click.


The adjustment tool is the swiss army knife for image customization. This tool allows for basic edits such as brightness, contrast, saturation or exposure and more advanced fine-tuning of highlights, shadows, sharpness and clarity.


The focus tool allows you to apply a radial or linear blur to your image which mimics effects such as bokeh and tilt-shift.


Apply a frame to your image for an added creative touch.


Overlays are a quick and easy way to create a fun effect on images. Apply an overlay and set the blending mode to determine how dramatic you would like the overlay to appear over the image.


The text tool makes it really simple to add text to your image.

Text Design

The text design tool takes your text to the next level with creative designs and typography. Select one of the designs and add your own text. With a few clicks, you'll have a stunning design.


Stickers allow you to had emoticons and shapes to your design. It also allows you to upload your own item, such as upload your png logo and place it on your designs.


The brush tool allows you to add your own personal touch by drawing on your design. This tool is optimized for touch screen interaction and includes a variety of brush strokes, thickness and colors.

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