Someone who donates/gives to your church.


The people listed in your account as members of the church.

Primary Admin

The main administrator listed on the churches Tithe.ly account. There is only one primary admin per account.

The primary admin has access to everything in the Tithe.ly Admin Dashboard. This is the user who can edit the churches subscriptions, billings and manage administrators.

They are usually the person who set up the church’s Tithe.ly account.

Secondary Admin

The secondary admin in the Tithe.ly account has viewing access only. They can only access the areas in the Tithe.ly account that the primary admin has granted them access to.

Giving Dashboard

The Giving Dashboard allows you to search and filter through your organization’s recent donation activity.

Church EIN

US Federal Tax Number

Legal Representative

The person legally responsible for your Tithe.ly account. They must provide their own legal information in order to be a verified representative for the organization.


Each church organization must have their organization's information verified by our team and our 3rd party payment processor in order to process transactions.

Giving Statements

The list of donations within Tithe.ly Giving that notes the name, email address, address, phone number, giving amount, fees, card information, transaction date and deposit date for each donation.

Export File

This button in the Tithe.ly Admin account will download a CSV report of transactions in the specified date range.

Summary Report

A report that outlines the amount given in total to each giving type in a specific date range.

Statements / Tax Receipts

A report of what a donor has given during a specified time range. Available for the church to download, print or email to their donors to use as a tax receipt.

Bank Deposits

The report of all the donations and refunds that were deposited/withdrawn to/from the church's bank account.

Recurring Giving

Automated giving set to a specified frequency.

Status in Recurring Giving

This line item that lets you know if a recurring gift is active, cancelled, paused or has an error.


A frequency option for a recurring gift that allows a donor to set donations to be given once a week on a designated day of the week.

Every 2 Weeks

A frequency option for a recurring gift that allows a donor to set donations to be given every two weeks on a designated day of the week.


A frequency option for a recurring gift that allows a donor to set donations to be given every month on a designated day of the month (1st - 29th).

1st and 15th of Month

A frequency option for a recurring gift that allows a donor to set donations to be given on the 1st and 15th of every month.

Giving Types

Fund options set by the church that a donor can give to.

Admin Batch Giving

A tool for admins to process credit, debit or ACH transactions and record cash and check donations.

Direct Link

The URL link you can copy and paste to share your giving form. You can add this to your website if you do not want to add the HTML code.

HTML Code / Website Giving

This is the block of code that is used to create a giving button on your website.
The 'Website Giving' button on your Tithe.ly Admin account has your unique church code.

Kiosk Link

Similar to the direct link, but this link is most useful for a kiosk or booth setup on a computer or tablet where people can walk up and give.

Pledge Campaign

The area in both your Tithe.ly Giving Account and Tithe.ly ChMS: Elvanto account where you can set up a campaign people can pledge to give to at a later date.


This word refers to the syncing of information between your Tithe.ly Giving account, other Tithe.ly Programs, and 3rd party programs.

Billing History

The page within Tithe.ly displays previous billings from our company regarding subscription payments.

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