Connecting your Facebook Account

⚠️ To connect a Facebook Pages and Groups to your Media account, you will be required to log into your personal Facebook profile for authentication. You must have the admin role on the Page and Groups you're looking to connect for the steps below to work.

  1. Within Media, navigate to 'Settings' found in the side menu.

  2. Click 'Social Media Channels'.

  3. To add your Facebook Page, click 'Setup Social Media Channels' or 'Add Channel' in the top right.

  4. Click 'Link Account'

  1. You will be prompted to log into your Facebook account.

  2. Click 'Continue as [Your Name]'.

  3. If your Instagram account is connected to your Facebook (which it will need to be to be set up), it will appear in the next window.
    Select your Instagram account(s)

  4. Click 'Next'.
    If you already have an Facebook account connected to Media, you will not see these steps if already authorized through the same personal Facebook profile.

  5. Finally, check the box next to the Pages you'd like to connect to.

  6. Then click 'Add to Media'.

  7. Voila! You're all set to start scheduling your media!

Linking your Facebook Groups

To link to your Facebook Groups follow the steps below:
⚠️ You must have linked your Facebook Account (as detailed above) before completing these steps

  1. Within Media, navigate to 'Settings' found in the side menu.

  2. Click 'Social Media Channels'.

  3. In the Facebook Groups section, click 'Add Groups'.

  4. Next, a dialog box will appear letting you know your Groups have been added.

  5. In the Facebook Groups section, you will now see your Groups.
    Note: The ON/OFF toggles simply allow you to set a Group as a location to post to by default. All Groups will display in the scheduler but when turned ON it will show as checked as a default location to post your media to. Can be unchecked within the scheduler.

Adding the Media App for your Facebook Group

⚠️ Before you can post to a Group you must add the Media App for your Facebook Group.

  1. Start by logging into Facebook and navigate to your Group.

  2. Click Settings, then scroll down to 'Manage Advanced Settings'

  3. Click the edit pencil beside 'Apps'

  4. In the dialog box, click 'Add Apps'

  5. Next, in the search field enter, ' Media'

  6. Select the Media App

  7. And finally, in the dialog box, click 'Add'

Connecting your Business Instagram Account

⚠️ To connect your Instagram to your Media account, your Instagram account must be: a Business account and be linked to Facebook.

Your Instagram account will automatically be connected to Media if your Instagram when it follows the requirements listed above and you have walked through the Facebook setup process.

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