There are two levels of settings, Organization and Campus.

To configure Organization Settings

  • Click the 'Settings' link from the integration dashboard

  • Enable/disable emails for this organization

  • Specify one or more email addresses to receive notifications

  • Uninstall integration - this will uninstall the integration for the organization. No data will be deleted in MP, however, all settings and records of previous syncs will be removed from the integration. You can re-install it again and re-configure the integration.

  • Update Credentials - manage the credentials for the MP connection if something were to change like the API URL or key.

To configure Campus specific settings

  • Click on the campus name under 'Manage Campus'

  • Enable Campus - sync this campus or disable it to not sync this campus

    • This allows customers with many campuses to be selective about which ones they may wish to exclude from syncing

  • Enable Emails

    • If disabled we won't send emails related to this campus's syncs, when enabled we will

  • Default Ministry Platform Program

    • This is the program (fund) that we will use when creating transactions in the Ministry Platform if we cannot determine the correct program to use based on configured fund mappings

  • Email notification Addresses

    • A list of one or more addresses that will receive notifications about this campus

  • Group Transactions in a Batch

    • Determines whether we will associate transactions that are created on a given sync into a batch.

From the Campus Settings Screen, you can also access 'Connect Funds' and 'Connect Donors'

Connect Funds

  • This allows you to map a Tithely giving type to a program in Ministry Platform

  • These mappings are specific to each campus

  • Click on the 'Connect Funds' button

    When the integration syncs a transaction it will first attempt to find a mapping from the transaction's giving type to an MP program from this table. If one hasn't been specified it will use the default MP Program set in your campus settings

Connect Donors

  • This allows you to map donors to specific donor ids in MP

  • This mapping applies to your entire organization

  • Click the 'Connect Donors' button

  • Search for a donor that you wish to map to a MP people id value, in this case I searched for last names of 'smith'

  • Enter in the value for the MP person ID

  • From now on, transactions by this donor will be created with the MP person corresponding to the id you entered.

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