The Ministry Platform integration can be installed from the Integrations page.

  • From the integrations, page find the card for 'Ministry Platform'

  • click 'Install' and you'll be redirected into the integration

  • If you've used the legacy Ministry Platform integration you'll see a message notifying you that we are bringing over your previous settings

  • This may take a minute or two and when complete the page will refresh to the setup wizard

  • Click 'Help Me Get Connected' to be guided through the remaining setup steps

  • The first step is to configure your connection to the Ministry Platform

    • If you had existing connection settings that were transferred you'll see a green 'Connected' indication

Otherwise, click the 'Edit' button to enter your connection settings

  • Client ID and Client Secret can be obtained from within Ministry Platform

  • Go to Administration -> API Clients -> New button

  • API URL is your custom ministry platform URL that you use to access your MP account

  • Once you've entered those values click 'Connect to Ministry Platform'

  • Click 'Next' to start editing options for campuses

Edit the campus settings

  • Enable Campus - sync this campus or disable it to not sync this campus

    • This allows customers with many campuses to be selective about which ones they may wish to exclude from syncing

  • Enable Emails

    • If disabled we won't send emails related to this campus's syncs, when enabled we will

  • Default Ministry Platform Program

    • This is the program (fund) that we will use when creating transactions in the Ministry Platform if we cannot determine the correct program to use based on configured fund mappings

  • Email notification Addresses

    • A list of one or more addresses that will receive notifications about this campus

  • Group Transactions in a Batch

    • Determines whether we will associate transactions that are created on a given sync into a batch.

  • Once all campuses have been configured click the 'Finish' button on the wizard

    • The initial sync will happen immediately and then subsequent syncs will take place once per day (around midnight EST) automatically

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