If you are looking to move over your sermons from another provider, you may be able to do so using our RSS Sermon import tool. 🎉

Step 1: Obtain your RSS feed from your previous provider.

Step 2: Validate your RSS feed.

Before trying to import your RSS feed, you can validate the feed using this free tool: castfeedvalidator.com

Please Note: If the feed does not validate, the import tool cannot import your sermons.

Step 3: Import your RSS feed

a) On your Tithe.ly site navigate to Admin > Content > Podcast

b) Hover over the Podcast you’d like to import the RSS feed to, click the ‘more’ option (3 dots) and select ‘Edit’ from the drop down. Or create a new Podcast by clicking the ‘Add Podcast’ button and enter your new Podcast information.

c) Click the ‘Import RSS Feed’ button.

d) Paste the RSS feed URL into the field.

e) Click ‘Start Import’

Please Note: Depending on the size of your podcast feed, this could take anywhere between a few minutes, up to an hour. Some RSS feeds have slightly different fields and there may be some clean up required from your end after the import.

If you have any issues or need help, please reach out to support@tithe.ly.

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