1. Choose Recurring Giving from the Giving menu on the left
2. Select the donor whose recurring donation you'd like to edit
3. Gift details will load for the chosen donor

4. Click Edit

5. An Edit Gift Details card will load

6. Edit the recurring donation amount

7. Change the schedule

  • If a schedule is weekly or biweekly, you can choose which day of the week you'd like the donation to process

  • If a schedule is monthly, you can choose the day of the month you'd like the donation to process. Any date chosen past the 28th will automatically change the schedule to End of Month, ensuring that no months are skipped with only certain months have 29-31 days.

  • You are able to see when the next donation is scheduled to be processed. This updates each time you edit the schedule.

8. Cancel a gift. If a donor would like to give up until a certain date, they are able to schedule an end date to their recurring donation.

9. Skip a gift. If a donor would like to give weekly on Wednesdays, for example, but doesn't want to start until a future date, they are able to schedule when they would like to begin donating.

10. Choose whether or not to cover the fees. Note: Any fees covered by a donor are tax-deductible

11. To finish editing a recurring donation, click Save Changes

12. You can also cancel a recurring donation by clicking Cancel Recurring Gift

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