Follow these steps to connect your account to Breeze.

  1. Log in to your admin account.

  2. Navigate to the Integrations page.

  3. Click "My Churches" in the left-hand navbar

  4. Click "Integrations" in the left-hand navbar

  5. Click "Your Apps" under "New Integrations"

Click on the Breeze integration from the New Integrations page

If you are installing the integration for the first time you'll see a setup screen. Click the "Help Me Setup the Integration" button to step through our setup wizard for the fastest setup experience.

The first screen you're presented with is the connection settings screen. Note: if you see the review screen instead, we have pulled your Breeze connection settings in automatically from the old Breeze integration.

Enter your Breeze domain in the first field and your Breeze API key in the second field. Follow the prompts to determine these values. Once they're entered, click Connect to Breeze and wait for the green checkmark. Click Next, or update your values if you see a red "x".

The next screen is simply a review screen. If you have multiple campuses or want to edit your campus settings, check out the article about campus settings. Click Finish when you're ready to trigger your first sync.

We will automatically send over your first transactions within a few minutes once you reach the final step. You'll see your dashboard update once we have completed sending your first transaction over. From now on, once a night we will sync any new transactions to Breeze.

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