Fund mapping gives you the ability to map your giving type with the chart of accounts in Fellowship One.

For instance, you may have a giving type named General Fund and want all transactions for that fund to be added to the Income: Tithes account in Fellowship One.

To configure fund mapping, follow these steps.

  1. Follow the steps to get to the location settings.

  2. Click the desired location's Connect Funds button.

3. By default, only active funds are shown. Click the show all funds link to include inactive funds.

4. If you make updates to either your funds or Fellowship One Funds, we'll pull those in automatically each night when we look for records. However, if you want to force the system to update immediately, click the Refresh fund names and accounts link. It may take a couple of minutes to pull all values. Refreshing the page should then show any renames or additions you have made.

5. By default, when you set up a campus, you select a Default Fellowship One Fund. This will be used when no fund map exists.

6. If a new account is selected for an existing fund, previous records will not be changed and only future synchronization of deposits will reflect the change.

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