An organization is a top-level entity for which the administrator manages. Each organization may have one or more campuses.

Campuses are set up by an administrator within Deposits and gifts are usually tied to a specific Giving Fund and that fund is tied to a campus.

Before the integration will begin syncing information you must set configuration options for each campus.

After connecting your Fellowship One account, follow these steps to configure your organization and location settings.

Click the location name to configure campus settings.

  1. By default, all campuses are set to 'inactive'. Click 'Enable Sync' to enable syncing.

  2. Decide whether you want to receive email notifications when data is synced from this campus

  3. Select an account for "Default Fellowship One Fund". This will be used when creating transactions if you have not configured a specific mapping for a giving type (see below about configuring 'Fund Mappings')

  4. Orphan Household ID allows you to specify an existing Fellowship One household to use when creating new donor records in Fellowship One that could not be matched to existing donors. If you prefer that a new household be created along with the new donor record just leave this field blank.

  5. Enter the email address (or multiple addresses separated by a comma) that should receive notifications for this campus

  6. Decide whether to include the campus name as part of the batch name This is particularly useful for organizations that have multiple locations as it will make it easier to see which location a batch belongs to.

  7. Decide whether to include the Deposit Type in the batch name. This makes it easy to see whether a deposit was for credit cards or ach.

  8. Click the 'Save' button

Before performing your initial sync it is highly recommended that you take a moment and configure your fund mappings and donor mappings.

Fund mappings allow you to specify how a transaction's giving type in is mapped to an account in Fellowship One

If you don't specify a mapping for a giving type, the transaction is created using the default account setting.

Donor mappings let you specify a Fellowship One donor to use when processing transaction data for a given donor record.

If you used the previous version of the Fellowship One integration any existing fund or donor mappings were automatically created for you during the setup of the new integration. In that case please take a moment to review and verify those mappings.

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