A Household is a family grouping of people that share the same mailing address and home phone number. A person can belong to a maximum of 2 households.

Add a Household
Select Households in the lefthand menu. Click "Add New +"

Add your Primary contact first. The Primary contact will automatically establish the name of the household as well as the household contact details. This person can be changed in the future.

Add as many members of the household as you'd like. Select "Create New Household".

The household image, home address, and phone number will tie directly to the primary contact's profile information.

Adding another person to the household

Once a household is created, you can add household members by selecting "Add Member".

Alternatively, you can create a household or add a person to an existing household from their individual profile. Select "Add Household". And determine if this person will be added to an existing household or create a new one.

Any household that a person is currently associated with, will be listed on their profile as well.

Changing Primary Contact
To change the Primary Contact of a household, first, make sure the new Primary contact is in the household. Then, click the ellipsis dots next to the individual.

Removing a Person from a Household
Removing a person from a household is simple. Click the ellipsis next to the individual's name in the household list and click remove.

Deleting a Household
To delete a household, select the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner of the Household card. This does not delete the individuals from the system, just the household itself.

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