Relationship statuses help define the connections an individual has within the church/organization.

This can extend beyond a household. For more information on households click here.

Relationship Status
This is the list of built-in relationship status'. These will auto-populate a gender-specified relationship if gender is identified with an individual (for example, Mother-Daughter).

  • Unspecified

  • Spouse (Spouse)

  • Parent (Child)

  • Child (Parent)

  • Sibling (Sibling)

  • Step-parent (Step-child)

  • Grandchild (Grandparent)

  • Grandparent (Grandchild)

  • Foster parent (Foster child)

  • Foster child (Foster parent)

  • Step-child (Step-parent)

  • Step-sibling (Step-sibling)

  • Uncle/aunt (Niece/Nephew)

  • Niece/Nephew (Uncle/Aunt)

  • Cousin (Cousin)

  • In-law (In-law)

  • Other

Add a Relationship
To add a relationship connection, navigate to an individual's profile, scroll down and select "Add Member".

Type in the name of the person in the search bar. Tip: Searching by last name can help find family members quicker.

One the person is identified, select the relationship status in the dropdown menu (if desired). Keep in mind, if the gender has not been specified on a profile, the status will remain gender neutral.

Click 'Save'.

Once saved, the relationship has been established and will appear on the counterperson's profile as well.

Edit or Remove a Relationship
To edit or remove a relationship, select the ellipses next to the individual on the relationship list.

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