Admins have access to the activity in their Church App with one quick glance.

Just as the mobile app has a Newsfeed that shows a summary of new content in the app, we want to show a summary to the admin of all posts that have been made. This allows an admin to both see that content is being published and to also allows them to easily access new content.

Some content can have actions that can be taken (for instance, approving a Prayer Request) while other content can be selected for jumping in and editing it. The benefit of this section is it allows admins to avoid allowing their app to grow stale while also giving them easy access to all new content from a single place.

Each entry in the Activity section has an icon associated with it - here is a Social Media Icon Guide to help you identify the different items in your feed.

In the Activity feed, you can reject or accept prayer requests.

Step 1: Click on Prayer to write your note.
Step 2: Type in your message
Step 3: Click on Submit

In Activity, you can reject or accept:

Note: the Prayer Wall tab remains the same.

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