There are two levels of administration in Tithely Giving, the primary and secondary administrator. Let's break down the differences between the two roles.

The Primary Admin

The primary admin has access to everything in the Admin Dashboard.

There is only one primary admin per account. They are usually the person who set up the church’s account.

Please Note: If you need to have the primary admin on your account changed contact the Support team directly.

The primary admin is the only person who can perform the following actions:

- Access the Suite (Sites, Elvanto, Church App & Messaging) directly through their dashboard.

- Access the Billing and Subscription Tab to update the credit card details used for subscriptions, and edit their subscription requirements.

- Access the Manage Administrators menu item.

- Edit account details under Edit Organization, Edit Brand and Update Legal and Bank Information.

The Secondary Admin

The secondary admin in the account has viewing access only. They can only access the areas in the account that the primary admin has granted them access to.

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