Secondary admins can manage contacts and send SMS and emails in the Messaging App. At this time, each account only includes one phone number and email therefore the secondary admin will not be assigned a unique phone number for SMS.


1. Log into your Account

2. Navigate to Global Settings > My Organization in the bottom left-hand corner of your screen:

3. From here, navigate to Users > "Add User +"

4. Ensure that you select Messaging as a permission, and then click "Save changes"


If your secondary admin has existing permission, please ensure that the secondary admin has been added as a contact in People.

Click here to learn how to search a contact in People. If the above steps 1-4 were followed, the contact will be automatically be added to People.

Example of two admins sending messages to the same contact. Note the sender's initials displayed on the right side of the sent message.

NOTE: New administrators will receive an automated email informing them that they have been given access. The email will include a unique link for them to log into their account and begin using Messaging.

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