The Global Menu allow primary admin users to easily navigate from one Tithely product to another.

The Global Menu is located on the left while logged into your various Tithely products. This menu links to the Global Dashboard as well as the various products. While in a specific product, the corresponding icon will appear highlighted.

Easily navigate between your products by selecting the applicable icon in the Global Menu.

Shown below is the Global Menu from within Sites.

The Product Suite Dashboard (shown below) can be accessed via the Global Menu by selecting the logo (leaf) at the top left of the Global Menu. This Dashboard will display each of the products for which you have an active subscription.

Note: our teams are actively working to include the Global Menu on all products but at this time it is only available on a few.

People, Apps, Messaging and Sites* use single sign-on, which means that once the user logs into each product manually, the user will not need to manually log in again.

* this applies to primary admins only.

Accessing the Resource Center from the Global Menu

The question mark ( ? ) icon found in the bottom of the Global Menu provides quick access to the Resource Center.

The Resource Center includes: Quickstart Guides, Product Announcements, Getting Started Videos, Help Articles and more.

Logging out of account from the Global Menu

The profile icon found at the bottom of the Global Menu provides quick access to log out of your account. You can also access the Product Suite as well as Billing (at this time only Messaging billing details display in this area).

Not a Primary Admin?

Read more about Accessing your Site.

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