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The cover letter that is included with each tax statement includes details specific to your church such as:

  • A Custom Title

  • A Custom Disclaimer

  • Church Name

  • Church Address

  • Church Tax ID

  • A Logo (Optional)

  • Signature of Church Staff Member

  • Printed Name of Staff member

  • Position Held by Church Staff Member

Most of these details can be set within the Settings menu option in the Giving Dashboard. Note that the Settings Menu option is separate from the Tax Statements option:

Within Settings, you will see a submenu with options for "Organization Information" as well as "Cover Letter". Details in both of these areas of Settings are used within the Cover Letter. The reason there is a separate "Cover Letter" section is that the settings found there are used exclusively within the Cover Letter for Tax Statements.

The only option that is not found within the Giving Dashboard Settings area is the church logo. The logo that that is displayed is the logo that your organization set when setting up your account.

If you want to add or edit your logo, use the "Back to 1.0" button found at the bottom of the dashboard:

Once you are directed into 1.0, select the "My Churches" option from the left-side menu:

You will be presented with a list of churches that you have access to. Select the "Edit Brand" option for the church that you want to set a cover letter logo for:

The top section within Brand Options is for Organization Branding. Set the logo here, and when you generate a new pdf for printing or emailing tax statements, the logo will be included in the cover letter:

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