How to Find and Re-Send an Individuals Tax Statement

  1. Login to your Admin account.

  2. Select Giving from the left-hand menu.

  3. Select Tax Statements from the Giving menu.

  4. Tax Statements can be accessed in two ways:

    a) Viewing a Previously Generated Batch, Select a Tax Statement Batch from the Previous Batches on the right.

    Please Note: If you need an individual's tax statement for a date range that you have not previously generated a batch for, then you will need to generate a batch as the first step and then search for the individual as described above.

    b) Generating a new Tax Statement Batch (more information), Click "New Tax Statements Batch" button.

  5. Using the search bar, search for the individual by name, email address or receipt#.

  6. Once you locate them, you can select to either email their statement or print their statement:
    Email - Click the paper airplane icon.
    Print - Click the printer icon.

    Video Overview:

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