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Tax Statements can be accessed in two ways: By Generating a new Tax Statement Batch (which can take a few minutes to generate) or by viewing a Previously Generated Batch (which takes a few seconds to open). Either one of these actions is accomplished within the first page you are taken to when selecting "Tax Statements" from the menu within the Giving Dashboard:

With Tax Statements often being mailed or emailed to members of the church, it can be common for a tax statement to not be received due to the user missing the email or mistaking the tax statement for junk mail when it arrives in the mail. In these cases, admins generally need to search for a single member's tax statement and either email or print that statement again.

If you need to print or email a tax statement for a single user from a date range that you have already generated statements for, then the fastest way to print or email and an individual statement is to select the statement batch from the "Previous" column on the right side in the image above.

For instance, if you needed to print an individual's statement for 2020 in the image above, you could select the 2020 batch (note that you are selecting the batch, NOT regenerating the batch since there is no need to regenerate the data unless something has changed with the donations for the given user):

After selecting the previously generated batch, the entire batch will load within seconds and display the donors on the right side:

You can now either scroll through the list and find the individual or you can use the filter option above the list to search for them by name or by email address. Once you find them, you can select to either email their statement or print their statement:

Note that if you need an individual's tax statement for a date range that you have not previously generated a batch for, then you will need to generate a batch as the first step and then search for the individual as described above.

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