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Accessing Tax Statements

The new Tax Statements section within the Giving Dashboard makes it easier than ever to generate tax statements for your entire church. Once you have navigated to the Giving section of the Dashboard, you'll see a Tax Statements option in the menu:

Selecting this option will take you to a page where you can either generate a new set of statements for your church or access statements that were generated already.

Generate vs. Previous

In the above images, the left image shows what you will see the first time you view the Tax Statements area. Since this is the first time to generate a statement, there are no previous statements.

The advantage of previous statements is that you can quickly view them without needing to generate anything new. So in the right-side picture above, the admin could select any of the 3 previously generated statements on the right and access them within a few seconds. This is advantageous since generating a new set of tax statements can take anywhere between 10 seconds up to minutes based on the size of your church.

Generating A New Statement

Using the "Generate" options, you can designate a date range as well as a Location (church or campus) that you want to generate tax statements for. A date range is necessary, but you have the option to set Location to "All Locations".

You also have the ability to set a Custom date range if there is ever a need to generate something other than statements for an entire year.

Setting the "Select Year" option to "Custom Range" will cause two new fields to display. Note that these fields are for "Date On and After" and "Date On and Before". It's important to take note of the fact that the selected date is included within the tax statements that are generated.

Once you have set the parameters, press the "Generate" button and a loading screen will be displayed:

The length of time it takes to generate tax statements depends on the date range as well as the number of people within your church. This normally displays for 10 to 120 seconds.

Viewing Generated Statement Details

After your statements have finished generating, you will be presented with a list of donors that have given within the date range that you selected:

From here you can print or email all tax statements from the top-right corner of the screen:

You can also choose to print or email a statement for a given individual by selecting the Send or Print button on the row for an individual.

For a full breakdown, please watch the following video:

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