There are two ways to access Tithely Media:

1. Through your Dashboard as a Primary Admin or Secondary Admin with granted permissions.

2. Create a Free Tithely Media Account

Select the route applicable to you and we'll guide you through the steps below! 😃

Accessing Tithely Media through your Tithely Dashboard

Please Note: This method will only work for Tithely administrators. If you are a primary admin who would like to create a secondary admin account for someone on your team so they can access Tithely Media, click here. There is no additional subscription or account required.

  1. Log into your Admin account.

  2. Select Media from the left-hand menu.

  3. That's it! 🎉

Create a Free Tithely Media Account

Please Note: This account will not be linked to your Tithely account.

1. Go to
2. Click Sign Up Free.

3. Create a new account.

4. That's it! 🎉

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