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What Is Tithe.ly Media?

How Much Does It Cost to Use Media?

Can I Use Tithe.ly Media on a Mobile Device or an iPad or Tablet?

How Do I Set Up Media?

Can I Make Someone an Admin?

Can I Use Media Outside of the United States?

Can We Upload Media Images, Etc.?

How Can I Get Assistance if I Need More Help?

What is Tithe.ly Media?

Tithe.ly Media gives your church free access to unlimited church media resources such as social media graphics, sermon series design kits, motion graphics, stock photos, and more.

How Much Does It Cost to Use Media?

Tithe.ly Media is free for all users. Sign up for a FREE Tithe.ly Giving account to enjoy the benefits of Tithe.ly Media.

Can I use Tithe.ly Media on a mobile device or an iPad or tablet?

Yes, the interface for Tithe.ly Media is mobile-friendly.

How do I set up Media?

There’s nothing to set up, it’s already active on your account and does not require any additional subscription or account. Sign in to your Tithe.ly account and access unlimited church media resources from our entire library of content.

Can I make someone an admin?

Secondary Admins can access Tithe.ly Media from the Dashboard in the same way they would access other Tithe.ly Apps. Click here for more details.

Can I use Media outside of the United States?

Yes, all of the content in Tithe.ly Media is license-free and available to all countries. You can use the content for any of your church projects, websites, apps, or social media accounts.

Can we upload media images, etc.?

Not yet. In the very near future, we are building in features for users and other designers to upload their own content and optionally make it available for other churches to use.

How can I get assistance if I need more help?

You can reach our incredible support team by email at support@tithe.ly or by clicking the chat option at the bottom right of the page.

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