Step 1: Open Church App

Step 2: Login into the App

Step 3: If it is the first time logging in since the update, the user will see Connect Your Tithely Account. They will happen only once, and it will link across all devices.

Note: After the accounts are connected, the user will log in, type in the username and password.

This screen is a one time connect your account screen.

Step 6: Tap on the hamburger (three lines at the top left)

Step 7: Tap on Account

How to Edit an Account
In this release, the user profile can include a picture of the user. The user can edit the profile picture. In order to do this, the following actions are taken:

Step 1: To add a picture to your profile, tap the camera image on the screen, it opens your camera and provides the following choices:

At the bottom of the screen,
1. The button on the left will allow you to chose a picture from your phone;
2. The button in the middle allows you to take a picture; and
3. The button on the right switches the camera to the front camera to allow you to take a selfie.

Once you select a picture you can pinch the screen to zoom in or out on the picture to choose the desired view of your image.

Step 2: Tap done to save.

Step 3: If the user wishes to update or delete Profile Picture, the user can tap on the camera icon, and the options are listed on the screen.

To Update or Edit User Account "My Details"

Step 2: Tap on Phone: Enter your phone here. Once the user taps in the Phone field, a cursor and keyboard will appear.

Step 3: Tap on Edit in the Core Info section at the bottom. The user can update their info here depending on the locations their church offers. In the case below, this user can update their Core Info by selecting the service they regularly attend. When finished, the user will tap Done to save information.

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