You can quickly and easily create summary reports for your organization's transactions in Giving. Below we'll guide you through how to create a summary report, as well as breakdown the key terms you'll notice along the way.

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How to Create a Transaction Summary Report

Key Terms and Overview Information

Transaction Summary

The transaction summary will show information based on the filters that have been selected.


You can apply filters to your transactions. The filters available are:

  • Funds

  • Locations

  • Product

  • Payment Type

  • Filter By Date


Leave the 'Funds' filter unselected to view a breakdown of giving to all fund types. Alternatively, you can select which funds you'd like to see a breakdown for if you're needing to look at a particular fund/giving type.

Example of Funds Breakdown in a Summary Report:


Leave the 'Location' filter unselected to view a breakdown of all locations individually with an individual total, as well as their total amounts and number of transactions. If you'd like to view a particular location, simply select the location filter and then select the location you'd like to view.


Leave unchecked to view a breakdown of all Products transactions ( Pay, Events, Giving). Select Giving Only to view Giving transactions.

Payment Type

Leave the 'Payment Type' filter unselected to view a breakdown of all transactions for all payment types. Filter transactions by selecting a specific payment type, such as bank, card, cash, or check.

Filter by Date

Filter transactions by specifying a date range.
Please Note: You must select Created or Deposited before setting your date range.

Created vs. Deposited

'Created' refers to when a transaction is first made.

'Deposited' refers to when a transaction is deposited into your organization's bank account.


The Total area will display the sum of all transactions within your filters for a category such as gross and net amount, fees, and number of transactions.

Example of Total Area in a Summary Report:

How to Create a Transaction Summary Report

  1. Select Giving on the left-hand menu.

  2. Select 'Transactions' from the Giving menu.

  3. Click on the '+Filter' button and select the filters you'd like.

  4. Click the 'Summary' button, which will generate once filters have been selected, to run a transaction summary.

    Summary Button in Transactions

  5. Review your Summary.

    Please Note: You can print or download the Summary as a PDF by clicking the 'Print' button.

🌟 Tip: Use the Views feature in the upper right-hand corner of the page to create a new view. This allows you to save a specific set of filters instead of constantly adding them manually, making it easier to access a summary of regularly used filters. For more information on how to create a view, click here.

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