1. What features are included with Tithe.ly Worship?

Tithe.ly Worship is a stand alone app that integrates with Elvanto. The Worship App is designed as a mobile music reader allowing musicians to access their set lists and sheet music during a live service. Currently Elvanto built-in lyrics & charts and PDFs are available file formats. Only iOS devices are supported currently.

2. Who can access Tithe.ly Worship?

Anyone with a login for Elvanto can log into Tithe.ly Worship. No specific Access Permission is needed.

3. What devices support Tithe.ly Worship?

iOS, and Android devices are currently supported.

4. What countries is Tithe.ly Worship available in?

All countries

5. What app do they need to download?

Tithe.ly Worship from the App Store.

6. How do volunteers login to the App?

Members login to the Worship App by using their Elvanto login credentials.

7. How does it integrate with Elvanto?

Tithe.ly Worship automatically integrates with Elvanto. All services and the songs associated with those services will automatically populate into the Worship app according to what information is listed in Elvanto as a set list.

8. How does Worship work with Song Select?

If SongSelect is integrated into a church's Elvanto account, they are able to upload cord charts, lyrics and PDFs to services directly. The Worship App will reflect these automatically when songs added to services with the Elvanto

9. What file types are supported with Tithe.ly Worship?

Currently, built-in lyrics & charts and PDFs directly from Elvanto are supported.

10. What if a volunteer is associated with multiple church accounts?

Once they login to the app, they will be given a list of church's to choose from.


  • No songs are appearing in the service selected.

Songs found in the Worship App come directly from the songs assigned to services within Elvanto. If no songs are appearing, please see your Worship Pastor, Director or Team Lead.

  • Volunteer login credentials are not working.

Volunteers use their Elvanto login credentials to access services and songs in the Tithe.ly Worship App. If they receive an error at login, they can reach out to their Super Administrator for a password reset

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