Some organizations have multiple locations, churches or campuses - collectively referred to going forward as "locations".

Each location has their own configurable settings. Follow these steps to modify your location settings.

  1. Enter the integration by clicking the Configure button on the Integrations page to enter the integration.

  2. Click the Settings navigation link to view the Organization settings.

  3. Click the Location Settings button on the left navigation.

4. If you have more than one location, church, or campus, you will see settings for each location. Each location's settings must be configured before syncing of that location's data will occur.

5. Click the 'Map Tithely Funds to Elvanto Categories' link to determine which Elvanto account will be linked to a specific giving type.

6. Enable (or disable) the location. By default, they are all disabled when you first install the integration

7. Select a default Elvanto account to use in the event that a transaction is received for a giving type that does not have a mapping specified

8. Determine how you want your batches to be created in Elvanto. You can choose to have a batch represent an actual bank deposit (meaning only transactions contained in a discrete bank deposit will be in the batch) or to create a batch for a day's worth of transactions.

9. You can choose to include the location name in the name of the batch we create. This is helpful for organizations that have multiple locations enabled.

10. Enable/disable email notifications for this location and determine which address(es) should receive them

11. Set the desired settings and click the Save button for each location.

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