The organization settings allow you to disable sending data to Elvanto as well as set organization related email notifications. Follow these steps to modify your organization settings.

1. On the Integrations page, you have the option to enable (green) or disable (gray) the organization from sending data to Elvanto. Toggle the switch in the upper right corner of the integration

2. You may also uninstall the integration from your organization using the trashcan in the upper left corner. WARNING! This will remove all data and settings in the integration. Data in Elvanto will not be removed. You can re-install the integration but will have to re-configure all of your settings.

3. Enter the integration by clicking the Configure button. At anytime, you may update your organization and location settings by navigating to the Settings navigation bar option.

4. Click the Settings navigation link to view the Organization settings.

5. You may also enable or disable your organization from this screen. When disabled no data will be sent to Elvanto

6. You can enable or disable email notifications for the entire organization

7. You can update the Notification email addresses to receive organization-wide emails. Use a comma-separated list of emails to send to multiple recipients.
For example:,

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