An organization is top level entity for which the administrator manages. Each organization may have 1 or more locations/campuses/churches. These are setup by an administrator within Deposits are usually tied to a specific Giving Fund and that fund is tied to a location. This integration will push information into Elvanto for all locations that are enabled from within the Integration settings.

Before the integration will begin syncing information you must set configuration options for each location.

After connecting your Elvanto integration, follow these steps to configure your organization and location settings.

On the setup page, click the location name to configure location settings.

  1. Setup Fund Mappings for this locationFund mappings allow you to specify how a transaction's giving type is mapped to an Elvanto Account.

  2. If you don't specify a mapping for a giving type, the transaction is created in Elvanto with the Default Account (see below)

  3. If you used the previous version of the Elvanto integration many fund mappings were automatically created for you during the setup of the new integration

  4. Please view the fund mapping settings screen and verify that they are correct

  5. Set "Enable this Location" to "Yes"

  6. Select an account for "Default Elvanto Account for Transaction"

  7. Decide how you want Batch Grouping to work"Deposit" grouping will create batches that mirror the deposits made into your bank account

  8. This setting will create batches that mirror what you see in your bank statements

  9. "Transaction" grouping will create a batch for each day containing any transactions made on that same day.

  10. Decide whether to include the location name as part of the batch name created in Elvanto

  11. This is particularly useful for organizations that have multiple locations as it will make it easier to see which location a batch belongs to from within Elvanto

  12. Decide whether you want to receive email notifications for syncs from this location

  13. 'Yes' will result in you receiving an email any time a sync is performed

  14. Enter the email address that should receive notifications for this location

  15. Click the 'Save' button

You should now see a green mark next to the location name which indicates that it is ready to begin syncing.

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