1. What Information does the QuickBooks integration Import?

    Currently, the QuickBooks integration imports deposit information. An option to import individual transactions and donor information is coming soon.

  2. Which Deposits are Imported?
    When you complete the initial setup we import only the most recent deposit information.

    From the time you install the integration, every new deposit will be imported unless you choose to disable or uninstall the integration.

    If the import fails for some reason it will resume importing deposits from the last successful import to ensure that you do not miss any records in QuickBooks.

  3. How can I see what information was imported?
    Every time the import runs it will send you a report via email so you can see exactly what was created in QuickBooks.

    You can also access the integration at any time to see a list of all the imports performed and what information they sent to QuickBooks in the Activity Dashboard.

  4. Why was no information Imported?
    If the import runs and reports no deposits being created the most likely reason is that there are no new bank deposits.

    You can verify that this is the case by checking your organization's deposit information from within Tithe.ly

  5. What should I do if importing encountered an error?
    If you see an error (either in the email report or in your activity dashboard) please notify customer support so that we can assist you.

  6. What happens if I uninstall the integration?
    If you choose to uninstall the integration for your organization importing will stop and all data recorded in the integration will be deleted.

    You will NOT lose any data in Tithe.ly nor in QuickBooks Online.

    If you choose to install the integration at a later date you will need to complete the initial setup process including mapping funds and setting default account information.

  7. What happens if I modify or delete a deposit in QuickBooks Online?
    Modifying the deposit record in QuickBooks Online does not change any records in the Integration activity dashboard.

    Future imports will not overwrite your changes in QuickBooks nor will they restore a deposit record that you deleted in QuickBooks

  8. Who Can Access the QuickBooks Integration

    To access integrations, the user must be a Primary admin or:
    1. have access to Giving as any form of admin, and
    2. have the 'finance' permission

    The "Primary Admin" is typically the user who first created the account. If you are uncertain about your roles or permission please contact support.

  9. What happens if a customer has different currency in QB to what they have in Tithe.ly Giving?

    We are passing the currency code that we have in Giving 1.0 to Quickbooks the way it is expecting right now. If the customer has their quickbooks configured properly to handle multiple currencies, everything should work just fine. However, there could be edge cases revolved around a customer who did not have Quickbooks set up properly to handle two, or the currency they were using in Tithely did not match the currency used in Quickbooks. This should be a pretty small proportion of users and the devs can address this if to becomes an issue.

  10. I have Quickbooks Desktop. Will the integration work for that?
    The Quickbooks Integration is only available for customers who use QuickBooks Online. QuickBooks Desktop is not supported due to the technical limitations of that product. However, if you do have Quickbooks desktop you can export your transactions and deposit data from Tithe.ly and import it as a file into QuickBooks Desktop.

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