1. How often should I charge the Tithe.ly Card Reader?

With typical usage, you should charge the reader after a few days of usage. A fully charged reader can run ~1000 transactions on a single charge.

2. How do I turn off the Tithe.ly Card Reader?

The reader automatically turns off after 10 hours of inactivity. To turn off the reader manually, press, and hold the power button until the status light goes out.

3. What do the different LED lights mean?

4. What fees are charged when processing a transaction?

Fees can vary based on whether a credit card is used to process a transaction (this includes Apple Pay and Google Pay) or whether details are manually entered. The fees for these scenarios are:

  • 2.6% + $0.10 per transaction when a card used

  • 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction when card details are manually entered

5. Will it be in the Canadian app store?

Absolutely! We’re working on a plan to add the necessary support (like a card reader with a PIN pad as well as support for Interac). To give a timeline, support for Canada will most likely not roll out until 2022

, but we are definitely already investing time into laying the groundwork.

6. Can we input sales tax?

This is something that will be added to Tithe.ly Pay in the future, though we do not have a specific date.

7. How do you input state or provincial taxes?

Currently, this must be factored into the price manually. Eventually, there will be an option to set a tax that is applied to items that are sold, though we do not have a date set for when this will be added.

8. Can we customize the emailed receipt?

The email receipt is not customizable at this time, but it is absolutely something that we want to allow churches to customize with church branding.

9. Can we add a donation to an initial purchase?

It is against Apple App Store Guidelines to allow someone to donate in-app. Because of this, we cannot allow someone to donate at the time of purchase. By adding this ability within the email receipt, we are following Apple’s Guidelines while still offering the ability for someone to donate.

10. What cards does it accept?

All major card brands are accepted, including AMEX.

11. Will a drop-down be added for what type of purchase is made?

A few features need to be added in order for Products to be possible within Tithe.ly Pay because these features are necessary in order for Products to function. Because of this, Products will not be available in the app until 2022.

12. If we order more than one chipper, will they be identified so we can assign them to different people, then in the back end see who 'sold' what?

There is no way to tag a device, so you cannot use a device to identify who processed a sale.

13. Is it only an Apple App or is it also in Google Play Store?

Tithe.ly Pay is currently only available for iOS devices.

14. Will a shopping cart feature be added in the future?

The ability to add values to a cart is the next thing on our roadmap and we are targeting late 2022. Once that is complete, we will then evaluate how soon we can add Products into the app.

15. Is there a timeline for Android?

There is currently no timeline for Android, but that does not mean that we will not be developing an Android version. Future development (including support for other platforms) will be based on feedback from churches.

16. Does this report go into Tithely App's financial records?

You can view the sum of all Tithe.ly Pay purchases within the deposits for a given day on your Tithe.ly Dashboard. You can also view a breakdown of all purchases within the Tithe.ly Pay app. Note that we will continue building out more details within the Giving Dashboard as we add more features to the Tithe.ly Pay app.

17. Will this work in other countries?

Tithe.ly Pay is currently only available in the US, but we are already working on plans for other countries.

18. Can you refund Tithe.ly pay transactions from the Tithe.ly Admin area?

The only way to refund a purchase is currently through the Tithe.ly Pay app. Note that you can access the app from any iOS device, so if someone approaches you about a refund, you could pull out your iPhone and refund the purchase at any time even if the purchase was made from an iPad at a different location.

19. How much does a card reader cost?

If you would like to order a Tithe.ly Pay Card Reader, you can do so directly through the app. Card Readers are $79 USD.
Please Note: The price includes shipping. If you order 5 or more card readers the cost-per-unit will decrease.


1. I can’t turn on the reader.

Ensure the Tithe.ly Card Reader is charged. Check for physical damage to the reader and that the reader’s LED light flashes between magenta and red when charging. If the reader still won’t turn on, reach out to support@tithe.ly.

2. I can’t connect the reader to Tithe.ly Pay

Confirm the reader is powered on, charged, and not connected to another device. The reader’s status light should be flashing blue.

  • Ensure that the reader was fully disconnected from any previous device using Tithe.ly Pay directly, rather than taking the reader out of range.

  • Ensure that the reader was not previously paired to a POS device via the device’s Bluetooth settings. Go to Bluetooth settings in any previously paired devices and “Forget” the device.

Confirm the reader is in-range of the iOS device running Tithe.ly Pay (usually 10-20 ft).

Troubleshoot the reader / iOS device’s Bluetooth connection:

  • If the Tithe.ly Pay Reader is in a holster or case, attempt to connect to the reader without the holster or case.

  • Attempt to connect to the Tithe.ly Pay Reader with the iOS’s WiFi settings turned off. This will indicate if WiFi instability is interfering with the ability to connect to the reader via Bluetooth. If the connection succeeds with WiFi turned off, then take one of the following approaches to resolve:

  1. Reconnect the iOS device to internet using a cellular connection or

  2. Move closer to the WiFi access point to reduce WiFi interference or

  3. Reset the WiFi router to a 5GHz band to ensure 2.4GHz band (shared by Bluetooth) isn’t too crowded

3. I’ve tried diagnosing steps above and it’s still not working.

Perform the following checks:

  • Make sure the Tithe.ly Card Reader is up to date.

  • Ensure Location Services are on for the iOS Device, as GPS location coordinates are required for payments to succeed.

  • Ensure Bluetooth is turned on in the device settings; bluetooth is required to connect to the reader

  • Always connect to the Tithe.y Card Reader directly from the application. Do not connect via device settings. Upon connection, the reader’s LED light will be steady blue.

  • Always disconnect from the Tithe.ly Card Reader directly from the application before connecting it to another iOS device. Upon disconnection, the reader’s LED light will be flashing blue.

  • Keep readers charged. Readers should last for ~10 hours of standby use. If the reader’s battery is low, its LED light will be flashing red.

4. Payment is declined. What do I do now?

If a payment is declined, you can attempt payment again using the “Try Again” button.

Note that you can try processing the payment the same way with the Tithe.ly Card Reader, or you can use the “Enter Manually” option to enter card details manually in case there is an issue with the card.

5. How do I refund a transaction?

A transaction can be refunded from the Activity section of the Tithe.ly Pay app. You can access the Activity section by pressing the Activity button (pink button in the top left corner) or by opening the Menu (top-right button) and selecting “Activity”.

From Activity, you can press the black button to the right of any transaction to refund the transaction. When you press the button, the Tithe.ly Pay app will ask you to confirm that you want to refund the transaction.

To help you search for a specific transaction, Tithe.ly Pay offers the ability to filter transactions by cardholder name, the last 4 digits on the card and/or by date range. To access the filtering options, press the filter button to the right of the “Activity” text at the top of the Activity section.

6. My address won’t validate when trying to order a Tithe.ly Pay Card Reader

When ordering a Tithe.ly Pay Card Reader, your address will be validated once you have filled in all fields. If your address does not appear to be a valid shipping address then you will be notified in-app.

If your address shows as being invalid, make sure to read each field to ensure everything is typed correctly. Some fields that are easy to have incorrect are:

  • Street - If you live on a State Route or Highway, try different variations of the road name

  • Zip Code - Make sure that the zip code matches the city that was entered

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