1. What is Check Scanning?

Check Scanning is a new feature that is being offered by Tithe.ly to help Churches quickly deposit large amounts of checks.

2. What is Hardware for Check Scanning?

Tithe.ly's Check Scanning feature requires one of the following approved Check Scanners:

3. What are the fees associated with Check Scanning?

$0.29 per check

Any miscellaneous charges from ProfitStars will also be passed onto the customer if incurred. These include the following:

4. What countries are is Check Scanning available?

Check Scanning is for Churches within the United States only

5. What is a Scanned Batch?

There are a few important concepts to keep in mind in regards to your Check Scanning area:

Scanned Batches - these are your checks that are scanned together. You'll be able to name your batches in the Check Scanning portal, for example, "Sunday Service July 26, 2020" or "Raffle Entries August 3, 2020".

Checks - Each Scanned Batch is a collection of several scanned checks. You will have to mark where each check's allocations of funds, amounts, and locations. Typically checks will be allocated to only one fund, but some may be for several different ones.

Deposits - Deposits will not be displayed within the Check Scanning area, but it is important to note that a Scanned Batch is not the same as a Deposit.

6. What is in my Check Scanning area?

In the Check Scanning section within the Giving Menu, you'll find three sub-nav items:

Batches: Where you can find your Scanned Batches and checks, this will also be the area where you'll allocate scanned checks to funds and locations.

Portal: This is the link that will open the area to scan your checks.

Settings: The area to enter your information to gain access to Check Scanning.

7. I've submitted my information in the settings area, what should I do now?

There will be a short review process to approve your account to use the Check Scanning feature. Once we receive approval, we will unlock your account, and it will be ready to be used.

8. I've opened my portal, and my Check Scanner won't work?

The most common solution is to make sure that you're using a fully updated version of Google Chrome, which is the only internet browser compatible with the Check Scanning software. Another possible issue may be with Apple's latest OS release Catalina, which may not be compatible with some Check Scanner's firmware.

9. I've scanned in my checks, now what?

Once your checks have been scanned, you can return to the Batches area to begin the allocation process. There may be a short delay between the checks being scanned and them appearing in your Batches, especially if there needs to be some manual review of check amounts, etc.

10. Some of my scanned checks have failed; what should I do?

If some checks in a batch have failed, then you'll need to rescan them in the Check Scanning portal as part of another Scanned Batch.

11. Is there a way to remove a Batch from my Batches List once I've finished processing them?

Your scanned batches will automatically mark themselves as done once you have allocated all the checks within the batch. But there will still be a record of each Scanned Batch even after allocations are completed.

12. Can I buy a check scanner from your site?

While you cannot purchase a check scanner directly from our site, we will offer resources to help point you towards the scanner that best fits your church’s needs.

13. Is there an app I can use to scan checks?

Unfortunately, we currently do not offer the ability to scan checks through a mobile app

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