After you initially Connect your QuickBooks company to the QuickBooks integration, you may want disable it or connect a different company. In most cases, you'll want to connect and leave the connection in place to ensure the nightly deposit send occurs.

To manage your QuickBooks Connection, follow these steps.

  1. Enter the integration by clicking the Configure button on the Integrations page to enter the integration.

  2. Click the Settings navigation link.

  3. Click the QuickBooks Connection button.

  4. Either click the Connect to QuickBooks or Disconnect from QuickBooks Online button.

At any time, you may also disconnect the integration application from QuickBooks by navigating to QuickBooks Online, clicking Apps, and selecting Disconnect from the Action menu.

WARNING! This is not recommended as the integration will still attempt to run and will cause errors. To temporarily disable the QuickBooks connection, disconnect from within the integration.

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