To send your initial deposit to QuickBooks, after configuring your location, follow these steps.

  1. On the initial setup page, you should see a Send Deposits to QuickBooks button. Click that button to send your first deposit to QuickBooks.

2. There may be a 2 or 3-second delay. The QuickBooks Integration is attempting to find your most recent paid deposit within the previous 31 days. If found, it will send it to QuickBooks and record it in the Activity Dashboard.

3. You may also want to check that QuickBooks received your deposit by logging into your QuickBooks Online account, going to the Dashboard, scrolling to the small See all activity link to go to the Audit Log.

After this initial send to QuickBooks, the integration will send found deposits automatically every night. An email will be sent after every import.

If there was a problem with the import, an email will be sent to you as well.

In the event that the connection to your QuickBooks Online company expires you will receive an email notification.

In either case, logging back into, reconnecting QuickBooks, and confirming location settings should resolve most problems :)

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