An organization is a top-level entity for which the administrator manages. Each organization may have 1 or more locations/campuses/churches. These are set up by an administrator within Deposits are usually tied to a specific Giving Fund and that fund is tied to a location. This integration will push deposit information into QuickBooks for all enabled locations that are enabled both on the organization and location level.

By default, both the organization and all locations are enabled. However, you must set additional configuration options for each location to ensure deposits are sent correctly to QuickBooks.

After Connecting your QuickBooks follow these steps to configure your organization and location settings.

  1. On the setup page, click the location name to configure location settings.

  2. By default, your organization and all locations are enabled. Confirm the existing default settings (e.g. those with green bordered fields).

3. Scroll down to the red-bordered inputs and set a QuickBook account for deposit, line, and fee account.

4. Click the Save button.

5. You should now see a green checkmark near the location settings upon successfully updating your settings.

You are now ready to send your first deposit to QuickBooks 😀

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