1. Log in to your Tithe.ly admin account.

  2. Navigate to the Integrations page. As of this writing, it is at https://tithe.ly/hub-integrations.

  3. Click Install button on the QuickBooks integration.

4. Click the Configure button on the QuickBooks integration. This will redirect you to the Quickbooks setup page.
5. Click the Connect to QuickBooks link.

6. Click the Connect to QuickBooks button. See QuickBooks Connection Management for additional details.

7. Authenticate with your Intuit QuickBooks email and password.

8. If you have more than one QuickBooks company, you will be asked to select the company to connect to. Select the company that matches the Tithe.ly organization you are trying to connect and click the Next button. If you have only one company, it will be selected for you automatically and this screen will not be shown.

9. The first time you connect to QuickBooks, you'll see a confirmation that asks you if you want to "Allow tithe.ly to view and update your QuickBooks Online data". You must click Connect button or the integration will not have the authorization to send deposits on your behalf.

10. You should now see a green message that says Connected to QuickBooks Online. Your QuickBooks account is now connected to your Tithe.ly Giving account through the QuickBooks integration. 🎉

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