General maintenance tips for your Pay card reader are below. If you are troubleshooting errors with your card reader please refer to these articles:
What to do if you can’t connect the Pay Card Reader to Pay

What to do if your Pay Card Reader won't turn on

How often should I charge the Card Reader?

With typical usage, you should charge the reader after a few days of usage. A fully charged reader can run approximately 1000 transactions on a single charge.

How do I turn off the Pay Card Reader?

The reader automatically turns off after 10 hours of inactivity. To turn off the reader manually, press, and hold the power button until the status light goes out.

How do I keep the Pay Reader updated?

Software updates will periodically be released for the Card Reader for improvements, including required security updates. Each reader must be manually updated (using Pay), though the updates are infrequent. Pay will notify you within the app whenever an update is required.
Note: Updates are mandatory since they will often include security updates, so when prompted to update, you must accept the update or the Card Reader will be disconnected until you are prompted to update again.

The update process will take a few minutes and you can view the update progress at the top of the screen where you normally view the battery status.

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