Follow-Ups allow you to stay connected to your members in a few simple steps.

  1. Log into your Account

  2. Navigate to Messaging (found in the left menu)

  3. Select 'Follow Up'

  4. Click 'Add Follow Up +'

  5. Add required fields:

    • Name (must be unique)

    • Trigger (see more details about Triggers below)

    • Message

    • Duration

  6. Click Save

  7. The Follow Up will be OFF by default after saving. Be sure to toggle it ON, when ready for the Follow Up to begin

NOTE: Please allow 30 minutes after the setup of a Follow Up, for it to recognize/detect the events (new group members or giving transactions) to start sending follow-up messages.

ie: If a Follow Up for First Time Givers is set up on Sunday morning (during peak giving times), first-time giver activity may not be recognized if they gave within 30 minutes of the Follow Up being set up.

Types of Follow Up Triggers

Group Triggers
Group Triggers allow you to send an SMS to any new contacts when added to a specific Group.

Giving Triggers

Giving Triggers allow you to send an SMS when a Giver either gives a certain amount or has given a specific amount of times.

Follow Up Status

Active Follow Ups can be turned on/off at any time (using on/off toggle).

  • ON - green

  • OFF - grey

Keep your Follow-Ups organized by Archiving the ones no longer needed.
To archive, a Follow-Up, click the gear icon and Archive.

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