1. The most common reason the EIN verification fails in Stripe is that the organization name listed with the IRS does not match the organization name given by the church. You can obtain the exact organization name by locating a copy of your SS4 or 147C documents provided by the IRS. These also contain your EIN or TIN number (these are both 9 digit numbers). By sending one of these documents to our Priority Team, we can better advocate to verify the account, or troubleshoot funny naming discrepancies that can sometimes cause a name to fail although it appears to be entered exactly as it is listed. (e.g. Changing the name to "ALL CAPS", removing an "Inc." or changing an abbreviation to the full word, are all examples of ways we have been able to successfully get accounts to verify.) Click the link below to access examples of these documents and for the IRS phone number to provide you with this information if you cannot find it. https://support.stripe.com/questions/using-irs-documentation-as-reference-when-entering-business-name-and-tax-id-number-tin-for-us-based-businesses

    2. Customers can also obtain your legal name by entering your EIN or TIN number           into the IRS database using the IRS lookup tool. https://apps.irs.gov/app/eos/

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