Giving Statement Templates
To get to the Giving Statement Templates, first you'll need to make sure you have financial access. If so, go to Settings > Financial and then click on "Giving Statement Templates"

There is a default template that can be used. You can view this by clicking on "Preview Giving Statements"

If you would like to customize a template you can do so by clicking "Add New Template". Modifications include things such as the Header/Footer, Logo/Picture and more. All white sections are modifiable. Anything greyed out is not.

Once you've made all of the modifications you intend to make you will click  "Preview Giving Statement"

Generate Giving Statements for All Donors

To generate Giving Statements for all donors head to Financial> Giving Statements > Publish Giving Statement

There are slight modifications that can be made here, such as name, date range, types of transactions, the template choice, and more.
If you want to send Giving Statements out via email, click "Send". To print out Giving Statements, click on the arrow on the right side of "Send", then click "Print Statements".

Generate Giving Statements for Specific Donors

If you would like to send out giving statements to particular donors you will need to go to Financial > Reports > Giving Statements > and then choose the filter "By Name" instead of the Default "All People". There will also be other filters to narrow down what will show in the Giving Statement.

And that's it! :) For more help please reach out to our Support Team at or (424)-644-3120.

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