Recap of New Features

Please note, by default, your users will see the old volunteer scheduling interface but have a choice to access the new BETA version (more on this below).

Here’s a recap of what the new BETA version brings to the table:

  • Users will be able to schedule multiple volunteers at once over multiple departments.

  • Users will see live updates of other users scheduling on the same service.

  • Better filtering and sorting of volunteers.

  • Ability to set a default volunteer status (Confirmed or Unconfirmed) on a department level.

  • Ability to set a default volunteer notification on a department level.

  • Ability to choose the default service times for positions when scheduling on a specific service type.

  • Auto-schedule utilizes the department level and service type changes from the above 3 points.

  • Users can overwrite default department level and service type options if required.

  • Editing multiple services receives the same update.

  • Viewing the mobile version of Elvanto on your phone’s browser has now been refined and is much more “app” like. We’ll be implementing this into our Mobile App in the near future.


New Interface

The new interface is a dream come true. You can now schedule multiple volunteers across multiple departments with minimal clicks. Nothing is final until you hit the ‘Save’ button at the bottom of the screen.

We’ve also added in when volunteers were last scheduled (this is based on the filters you choose) and searching a volunteer by name is super quick.

If other users are online editing the same service you’ll see their changes show up under ‘Departments’ on the left. We have a ‘tentative’ state which means the other users making changes have not clicked ‘Save’ but they are currently working on their scheduling. New volunteers added in this state will be faded out a little along with a profile pic of the current user making the change. This will help fix the risk of conflicts while you’re scheduling.

Conflict data for the ‘Volunteers’ section in the middle will also update live if another user is scheduling on a service that is within your conflict buffer settings.

New People Status Filters

Hurrah! You can now filter in or out unavailable and conflicting volunteers. You can also exclude volunteers whose scheduling preferences are not preferred for the current service.

Default Configuration Options

You can set default department level and service type options, which means Elvanto will automatically set times, volunteer status and prepare notifications without your users having to manually set it for every volunteer they schedule. We discuss these configuration options and how to get them set-up in the next section.

For those who want to overwrite those default configuration options, we’ve added an ‘Options’ button where you can perform these overwrites. It will use default at first but you can choose to overwrite anything you’d like. This is handy for volunteers who fit outside the normal limits you have put in place.

Don’t Forget the Configuration Options

The new BETA version skips a whole step in the current volunteer scheduling interface which is where you choose the volunteer status, set whether to prepare a notification and what service times they are to be scheduled on. As you would have read in our last post, we have now added some new configuration options which will automate this step. If you haven’t jumped in and made changes, now would be a good time.

Here is a recap of the configuration options.

Default Volunteer Status

In the current version of Elvanto, you can configure the default volunteer status to be confirmed or unconfirmed within settings. This applied to every department.

We have now added a new option when editing a department so that volunteer status can now be individually configured on a per-department basis. When editing a department you can set the status as well as whether you want volunteers to be marked as needing to be contacted.

Default Service Times for Service Type Departments

We have also added in the ability to set default service times for positions within a service type. For instance, you may have volunteers on certain positions who need to be onsite early for the set-up time. Other volunteers on different positions might only need to be there at a rehearsal time. Rather than having to uncheck times when scheduling each volunteer, you can now set defaults.

When on the ‘Departments’ tab of a service type, you will now see a little clock icon next to each department and position…

When you click this, you can choose whether all times are to be clicked…

Or you can customize those times…

You can choose for sub-department and positions to inherit times if a department or sub-department all have the same times…

How to Access the BETA

To access the BETA, simply try schedule volunteers onto a service and you’ll be given the option to try the new version. This will only affect your profile. Other users at your church can choose to use the new BETA version themselves.

You can switch back at any time from the new volunteer scheduling modal.


Yes please! If you find a bug or have a cool idea on how we can make this even better, please contact our support team! We want to be certain that our new default department and service type level settings are working as expected and that there are no hiccups for when we go live.

Thanks in advance for those who’ll be jumping on it and we look forward to your feedback!

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