Tithe.ly takes care of hosting all Tithe.ly Sites. Domains are a separate piece. Customers take care of managing their own domain.

To launch your new Tithe.ly Site you will want to gain access to your DNS Zone records (via your domain registrar) and adjust the following 2 records:

1. Point A record for "@" to:

2. Point A record for "www" to:

NOTE: if there is a CNAME for “www” delete this and then add the A record.

Need assistance? Scroll down for a message you can send to your domain registrar to help you make these adjustments.

After those changes have been made you will need to add your domain to your site settings and set it as the primary domain.

  1. Go to Admin, click on Settings
  2. Select Domain in the left side menu
  3.  Click 'Add domain' to add your domain(s) (can add multiple domains)

4. After the DNS changes have fully propagated, click the more button (•••) to the right of your domain, click Make Primary.

Note: DNS changes can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few days to fully propagate. Before setting your domain as the primary, test your domain to see if it redirects to your staging domain. Once it successfully directs to your new site, update the primary domain.

Congratulations, your site will be launched after that final step! 

Need Assistance with DNS Updates?

Ask your domain registrar support to help you change your DNS settings and put in the two A records you need to change.

You can just copy and paste this message to send to your Domain Registrar support:

Can you please help me edit our DNS settings:

1. Point A record for “@” to:
2. Point A record for “www” to: (if there is a CNAME for
“www” delete this and then add the A record)

Once that is done, you can go to the domain Site Settings and make it the primary domain.

Don’t have a domain?
To launch your site you will need a domain. If you do not yet have a domain please register a domain through a 3rd party such as Hover or GoDaddy (or other domain provider of choice).

Not sure where your domain is registered?
If you're unsure where your domain is registered you can using one of the following tools to determine where it is registered:
More often than not using these tools will allow you to find where the domain is registered and sometimes even who has registered it (whois.net). Please note that sometimes this information is not available. You may need to contact your current website provider to find out if they can assist.

Is your domain currently managed by current web host?
If your current web host requires you to pay for hosting if you keep your domain and manage your DNS with them, you will likely need to create a Hover or GoDaddy (or other domain provider of choice) account and transfer the domain there. Check with your provider for more details.

NOTE: If your church has custom email setup through your old website provider and not through Google (or other paid services) you will want to sign up for a service such as Google for Nonprofits (free for churches). If you discontinue your service before emails are setup elsewhere your emails may will go down. View our article on Setting Up G Suite for NonProfit using Your Domain.

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