It is one of our goals here at to make data migration as painless as possible. follow the directions below on how to export information out of your current Shepherd's Staff account.

Exporting Database

  1. Find the location of the database

                   a) Log in to Shepherd's Staff
                   b) Navigate to "Utilities" > "Settings" > "Locations" > "Current Locations" > "Current Database"
                   c) The "Current Database" value shows where the database is on your computerdefault is: c:\ShepherdsStaff\STAFF.MDB

2. Get out of Shepherd's Staff and create a COPY of the STAFF.MDB
The STAFF.MDB location is found in step 1c

3. If you decide to have us import the data, simply zip up the database. Do this by right clicking on the COPY of STAFF.MDB and selecting "send to -> compressed (zipped) folder".

After you have done this, click here to learn more on how to import that information into Elvanto!

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